Wanted: professional consultant  FamilyFood

Mission area:They sell our products (vegetable seed sprouts devices and biological seed). The products are simple, cheap to buy and have a high customer value. Healthy and enjoyable diet is a huge trend. The resulting long- term customer loyalty is the rule and has a positive effect on your earnings!

Requirements: Strong personality with a degree of experience in sales/ marketing and a flair for healthy eating and the needs of the modern kitchen. Contact/ schedule of potential customers and even lead the sales pitch independently. Serious demeanor and conviction are prerequisites. The site ia also suitable as a secondary activity.

Offer: High commissions and interesting products, which allow for upselling and cross- selling. Commission system is designed so that you benefit in subsequent years. Interesting long- term development opportunities.

The commencement of employment: Immediately or after bargain.

Contact: Have we addressed you? If so, then please contact us immediately! Please send us your CV by e-mail or post, or please do not hesitate to call us.




The company Vitaseed, based in Kerzers and office in Gwatt/ Thun (Switzerland) was founded in December 2006 by the Innosuisse Group of Companies. 



Vitaseed Aqua

Sufficient water and food. Human needs can be reduced to this simple denominator. Because of the unequal distribution of recourses and means of production, the reality is:    



Vitaseed Food

Seedlings and sprouts are natural and effective food for those who want to improve and remain their health.