Das Pulver


In cooperation with a German university, we have developed a substance that allows in (very) dry regions to agricultural use. Base is an enormous reduction in water consumption.

  • "Vitaseed Aqua" will save the 360-fold amount of water of its own volume
  • Plants, which are growing on treated soils, consume up to 70% less water
  • The water evaporation is reduced by a factor of 4
  • The seed-loss can be reduced by 80-90%
  • Plants will grow much better and more resistant
  • The soil quality is greatly improved
  • The use of fertilizers can be reduced
  • The ecological balance is maintained,

"Vitaseed aqua" provides holistic solutions of partial hired technologies. These two models have been developed that can be individually and effectively adapt to local conditions. The scope of consulting, project development, laboratory analysis, management, training, including on-site and thus the establishment of viable local structures.




The company Vitaseed, based in Kerzers and office in Gwatt/ Thun (Switzerland) was founded in December 2006 by the Innosuisse Group of Companies. 



Vitaseed Aqua

Sufficient water and food. Human needs can be reduced to this simple denominator. Because of the unequal distribution of recourses and means of production, the reality is:    



Vitaseed Food

Seedlings and sprouts are natural and effective food for those who want to improve and remain their health.