Vitaseed FamilyFood Germinator

Family Food

Capacity up to 500 gr sprouts

Measurements L320 x B195 x H215 mm

AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz 4.5W
Water reservoir ca. 570 ml
max. filling-mix seed: acc. to seed-type
Sound emmison:not audible db(A)
DIN EN 60335 + 60335-2-14

Vitaseed Technology

The VitaSeed technology is based on the natural basic principle of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a process of sprouting seeds with the use of only water. The result is an optimal development and ripening of most different seeds. Seedlings or sprouts are the final product full of freshness with constant and high quality. With this method no soil is needed.

How do I use the Vitaseed FamilyFood Germinator

The Vitaseed FamilyFood home sprouting machine has a completely automated sprouting process with a revolutionary technology. Seeds are placed inside a rotating drum that regularly lowers into a water reservoir trough a fixed programmed cycle, ensuring all seeds are thoroughly saturated. This optimizes the development of the sprouting seeds into full bodied, fresh tasting sprouts.

  • Give the organic germ-seeds for 8-16 hours in a glass water, this accelerates the germination-process.
  • Connect the Vitaseed FamilyFood germinator to the electricity (230V).
  • Fill the reservoir of the FamilyFood device with fresh tap water (in accordance with min/max mark in the reservoir).
  • Give the soaked seed into the germ-drum.
  • Now start the germ-process with pressure on the start-button.
  • The drum now rotates and begins to slope slowly into the reservoir in order to water the seed and high-dirves again into the basic-position afterwards high-drives. This process lasts about 2 minutes and reeatedly itself every 2 hours automatically.
  • Change the water in the reservoir (stop the machine and start it again) at least once a day. Please note that for the removing of the reservoir or drum (have to be in silence-position), this shouldnot be lowered.
  • According to seed, you can harvest (on the seed-packets, you find the recommended germ-times) the sprouts after 3-12 days. Go on that occasion like follows:
    • Stop the machine (press the button and move out plugs).
    • Take the filled germ-drum and drain the sprouts into a bowl.
    • Clean the sprouts thoroughly under flowing water.
    • Drain the sprouts, e.g. with a salad-slingshot.
    • The sprouts are now ready to eat and can be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic-receptacle 3-12 days, as rule of thumb is valid: "Storage-time = Germ-Time“.
  • Clean the reservoir and the germ-drum by hand with organic detergents (we recommend not to use the dishwashers for it, since the lifespan of the drum would be restricted otherwise).
  • Her/its/their "Micro-Garden in your kitchen" stands for the next operational.


How do I germinate seeds?

As average value, 50g organic seeds can be assumed for  production of a FamilyFood drum-filling. For germination you need suitable organic seeds well cleaned and soaked. The presoaked time takes 4-16 hours according to seed. Growth / germ-duration is dependent on seed and can last up to 12 days. The germinated sprouts weigh the 3 to 12-fold one of the seed-weight according to seed.


Why eats sprouts?

Germinated seeds are natural foods with exceptional qualities. These sprouts live up to the consumption. Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and biologically active substances, they are able to balance the deficiency createdby our modern nutrition. Germinated seeds are rich in enzymes, that steer the chemical reactions in the body. In different studies, it was proved that the lack of enzymed food is a cause of many civilization and old-age-illnesses of our time. With germinated seeds, the enzymes, that are necessary for the digestion, are contained in the food. With chewing, the enzymes of the seedlings are set free. Each seedling is equipped for his/its digestion with the corresponding enzymes.




The company Vitaseed, based in Kerzers and office in Gwatt/ Thun (Switzerland) was founded in December 2006 by the Innosuisse Group of Companies. 



Vitaseed Aqua

Sufficient water and food. Human needs can be reduced to this simple denominator. Because of the unequal distribution of recourses and means of production, the reality is:    



Vitaseed Food

Seedlings and sprouts are natural and effective food for those who want to improve and remain their health.