Agrikultur Solution

It is possible to treat large areas with the agriculture solution pack.
The application of Vitaseed Aqua® is accurately quantified on the appropriate application

The base quantities:

  • Arable land: 1,5 kg per m3
  • Parking area: 50g pro m2
  • 250 kg per ha of agriculture
  • Trees: 1kg per tree

Almost from nothing there is more fertile soil, sand and gravel deserts are green oases. The range which is operated by the agriculture Solution Pack extends from tree planting on grain, fruit and vegetable planting to gardens and parks. 




The company Vitaseed, based in Kerzers and office in Gwatt/ Thun (Switzerland) was founded in December 2006 by the Innosuisse Group of Companies. 



Vitaseed Aqua

Sufficient water and food. Human needs can be reduced to this simple denominator. Because of the unequal distribution of recourses and means of production, the reality is:    



Vitaseed Food

Seedlings and sprouts are natural and effective food for those who want to improve and remain their health.